Cultural Services

The 21st Century Manager

In the internet driven knowledge based economy we exist in organisations and people are being expected to do more, with less, even better. We need our people to be more innovative, flexible and resilient.

One of the challenges facing managers is that many current management practices were developed in a time when change was at a much slower pace and rarely as complex as today. In today's fast paced society current management practices are not always effective and a new way of managing is required.

This workshop provides managers with a toolkit of proven management practices for 21st Century Cultural Services.

    Content Overview

    • An introduction to mindfulness in the workplace

    • The business case for mindful leadership

    • The responsibilities of a mindful manager

    • Mindful leadership practices
    - Delivering a mindful customer service
    - Working with the brain not against it
    - How to improve personal performance and effectiveness
    - Engaging and motivating staff in a rapidly changing environment
    - Using questions to change behaviours

    • Managing and reducing workplace stress

    • Developing a flexible, innovative and resilient team


    The 21st Century Manager is delivered in one-day.


    • Effective leadership and management approaches for the 21st Century
    • Increased engagement and motivation
    • Flexible and innovative team members
    • Reduced workplace stress
    • Improved personal effectiveness and team performance

    Who should attend?

    Managers, supervisors and team leaders

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