Jigsaw Discovery Tool
The 64 piece jigsaw

About the Jigsaw Discovery Tool

The Jigsaw Discovery Tool was developed by Keith Nicholson and Michelle McArthur as a result of Michelle’s frustrations with psychometric tests. They found that traditional psychometric tests helped individuals discover their strengths and traits but did not offer clear signposts into how this could apply to their work.

    The perfect medium

    The pair took the pioneering work of Carl Jung and combined it with more recent neuro-physiological work into the operational connectivity of the brain.

    After studying the research Keith decided that the interconnecting structure of a jigsaw was not dissimilar to that of a brain and, as jigsaws are a traditional fun activity, they would provide the perfect medium.

    And so the Jigsaw Discovery Tool was born, in fact the very first one was created in Keith’s shed – thank goodness he was good at woodwork!

    Not a traditional psychometric test

    So how is the Jigsaw Discovery Tool different to traditional psychometric tests and learning tools?

    Discovery tools and personality tests rely upon a self-produced report of behaviours that may, or may not, correspond with what others observe and perceive. The Jigsaw Discovery Tool encourages genuine responses, which are more valuable than when forced into making a questionnaire-based choice.

    Jigsaw Discovery Tool Taster Workshop

    Try our Jigsaw Discovery Tool Taster Workshop.
    Find out what makes the Jigsaw Discovery Tool unique amongst the plethora of profiling tools and there are many out there, all based on the same theories.

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