Three Steps to Assertiveness

A 3 hour workshop

Our fundamental approach to assertiveness is based not on the words that are said but on the alignment of emotional approach and reaction to reflect the exact message of the words. If an individual is feeling angry, threatened, unfairly criticised, or upset this will be communicated to the other person regardless of the words said.

• Introduction to the programme, facilitators and other delegates

• What is a difficult situation? Small group work

• Debrief and identification of the potential reactions to difficult situations and the costs of these reactions

• Introduction to the 3-step model of Assertiveness

• Case study work on Steps 1 and 2 of the Assertiveness Model (one-day workshop)

• Step 3 of the Assertiveness Model presented

• In 3 trios, each individual is coached and the process observed to use the 3-step model to replay/prepare for their new approach to their chosen situation

• What next? What do I need to do differently? What support do I need? What support can I offer?

This workshop is also run as a full-day programme, to enable more time to be allocated to work-based case studies and practice sessions.

This is an interactive workshop with a significant amount of closely facilitated small group work. We anticipate that many of the participants will be attending because of present and past difficulties, so we will ensure that they feel safe and guided through what is likely to be a potentially anxious experience.

Cynic Illustration