Blended Learning

Blended Learning

A Blended Learning approach is one which in most cases will enhance and extend the learning opportunities for the 21st Century learners.

Blended learning is a blanket term for an approach, Jigsaw@work believe that the types of blend which will be the most useful in providing a complete learning experience for our learners are:

• Workshops
• Collaborative learning
• Coaching
• E-learning
• Action learning sets
• Social learning

Workshops – Traditional face to face learning, delivered by a professionally qualified facilitator.

Collaborative Learning – which extends the face to face learning, creating supportive learning networks, managed by learners at a time and place best suited to their needs.

Coaching – A coach helps individuals to act more quickly and effectively than if they acted alone. Using a wealth of strategies, techniques and materials a coach will support individuals in creating the results they want. Coaching can be delivered face to face, by telephone or through internet technology.

E-Learning – Used to prepare learners before attending a workshop or as a way of helping learners to understand techniques and models and reflect on how to implement it at work.

Action Learning Sets – where small groups of learners work to identify what action should be taken to address a real world problem. Action learning enables each person to reflect on and review what action they have taken and the learning arising from it.

Social Learning – Social Media tools are powerful building blocks for enabling learning and development, while also documenting the learning journey and leaving a path for others to follow.

    Deciding upon the blend

    As part of our consultation with clients, we discuss the most appropriate delivery methods, taking into account both the needs of the learners and the organisation. It is at this point we discuss whether a face to face workshop programme would be better or if a blended approach would be more appropriate.

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