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Brain Matters: How to maintain leadership excellence and have clarity of mind, under pressure

The busyness which accompanies being a leader today in the 24/7/345 world of interconnectedness is often distracting from what is important and limiting the ability to lead with excellence. Most managers have to admit that far too much of their time in a day is spent putting out fires and wasting time rather than doing their best work.

Attendance of this programme will help managers learn to lead with excellence by cultivating innate capabilities to focus upon what is important, to see more clearly what is presenting itself, and to foster greater creativity. When able to do so, managers are much more able to make the choices required by a leader, as they have both the time and space to do so.

    Content Overview

    • Emotional competency
    • Multi-tasking, the enemy of productivity
    • Attentional skills
    • Associations and judgements
    • Mindful communication
    • Awareness skills
    • Choosing to respond, rather than react
    • Recognising early warning signs of stress
    • Coping strategies
    • Developing resilience and the ability to bounce back in tough times
    • Maintaining optimal brain working and wellbeing


    2 x ½ day


    • Increased attentional skills and focus, enabling more time and mental space to lead with excellence
    • Optimism and resilience necessary to thrive in a demanding workplace
    • The ability remain in control and keep a clear mind, in the most emotionally demanding and challenging situations
    • Recognise when someone is struggling with the pressure and have the knowledge and skills to offer support
    • Enhanced emotional intelligence, enabling empathetic and inspirational communication
    • Strategies and techniques to share with colleagues to better manage self
    • Reduction in the amount of time spent fire fighting
    • Increased effectiveness and performance

    Who should attend?

    Managers and leaders working in fast paced, changing environments where increasing workloads and pressures are the norm.

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