Communication Excellence

Achieving Communication Excellence is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today.

Poor communication, results in low morale, poor performance, poor talent retention and poor annual results.

Communications excellence helps each learner discover how to become effective communicators, with customers and colleagues.

    Content Overview

    • Frameworks for effective communication

    • Understanding oneself as a prerequisite to becoming an effective communicator

    • Understanding others, their personality and character

    • Effective communication with different kinds of people

    • Making a true connection

    • Influencing others

    • Giving and receiving feedback

    • Communication in practice within the group




    • Communication excellence - understanding the different drivers underlying communication preferences

    • Awareness of the preferred style of communication for the individual

    • Have a range of communication skills that meet the needs of a diverse organisation or community

    • Practise the skills of communicating and making a true connection

    • Communication in practice - define and work with a number of different communication styles

    • Adapt communication styles to the differing needs of individuals you are communicating with

    • Get their messages heard, understood and willingly actioned

    • Influencing others

    “Feedback from the sessions has been 100% positive with comments being made such as:
    • This approach has equipped team members with new understanding, insight and tools
    • Totally relevant, particularly as we are operating in an environment which is constantly changing and we have to respond increasingly quickly so need more than ever to quickly win people over”

    Carol Hambleton – Workforce and Organisational Development

    Who should attend?

    Managers and team leaders who want to improve how they get their message across to team members and other stakeholders

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