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Diversity in the Workplace

The Diversity in the Workplace programme focuses upon the employment and customer care perspective of Equality & Diversity. Learners are taken on their personal journeys of discovery, increasing their self awareness and understanding of human behaviour to enable them to manage their assumptions and work effectively with people by truly valuing individuality within the workplace.

    Content Overview

    • The true value of having a diverse workplace and the consequences of not

    • Assumptions and stereotypes – introduction of the concept of Halos and Horns, exploration of the difference between subjective and objective thinking.

    • Equality and diversity definitions – the legal definitions, what does it mean for me, grasping the nettle of political correctness.

    • Legal, Business and Demographics – activity to introduce the key drivers which have shaped and continue to shape equality & diversity.

    • Negatives? Negatives! – A time for honest self reflection.

    • The Attitude Cycle – how one negative can drive another and escalate out of control.

    • The Prejudice Square – using a case study learners begin to apply the learning and consider what is expected of them in reality.

    • The key qualities needed to manage assumptions.

    Unlike so many equality and diversity programmes, we do not police the minds of the learners and we do not preach to them.

    The programme is presented as a living tool, which is fun and not dry and dusty. Based in the reality of the workplace and always returns to the individual’s workplace situation, whilst introducing the legalities.

    We offer a kaleidoscope of learning activities to accommodate the learning preferences of all participants.


    Diversity in the Workplace is a one day programme.


    • Increased understanding of self and others

    • Understand the impact of their behaviour and actions upon others

    • Raised their awareness of personal prejudices and assumptions that lead them to value some people more than others

    • Knowledge of the Diversity strands

    • Have an understanding of the business, legal and demographic factors

    • Have the skills and knowledge required to manage their assumptions and prejudices

    Who should attend?

    Everyone who works in an organisation where the values of respect and dignity are important


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