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Effective Conflict Management & Resolution (Reconciliation)

As organisations grow more complex with the use of teams, group decisions and globalisation the number of instances of employee conflicts has doubled. Supervisors spend more than 25% of their time and managers 18% of theirs on relational employee conflicts.

Conflict significantly affects employee morale, turnover, and litigation, which affects the prosperity of a company, either constructively or destructively. (Lang, 2009, p. 240)

Conflicts are a fact of organisational life and it takes a great intellectual skill and emotional resilience to sort out. What often prevents conflict resolution is the assumption that the conflict is simply about a business issue. Research shows that, in most cases, the issue is simply a symptom of the clashes of personality and character. Until these underlying conflicts are sorted out, new issues will keep emerging.

The Effective Conflict Management & Resolution course is not a theoretical exercise in conflict resolution, but a practical application for people involved in a real conflict.

    Content Overview

    • Different perspectives on the conflict at issue
    • Triggers of Conflict
    • Recognising the early warning signs
    • Getting to know yourself and your adversary
    • Managing the resolution meeting – protocols and tools
    • Finding the common ground
    • A strategy for moving on
    • Putting the strategy into practice
    • Preventing future conflicts




    • Recognise the ability to identify potential sources of future conflict and deal with the behaviours which ignite it.

    • Recognise early warning signs

    • Manage conflict assertively and constructively using conflict resolution tools

    • Prevent conflict and escalation of conflict in the future

    • Tools & techniques for dealing with difficult circumstances

    • Recognise the need to control one’s anxieties, fears and anger

    Who should attend?

    Anyone involved in conflict situations or needs to manage conflict

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