Emotional Intelligence @Work

People who excel in the workplace are not just technically brilliant they also have interpersonal expertise. They have an understanding of self and an awareness of others which enables them to build rapport and manage relationship effectively.

    Content Overview

    Perception. A simple activity which illustrates to participants the two very different types of thinking and the fundamental impact it can have in the way we perceive one another and our preferred styles of working.

    Jigsaw@work®. Using the unique Jigsaw Discovery Tool and profilng activities participants are taken on their personal journey of discovery. Learners are given time to reflect upon their strengths and qualities by organically building their personal profiles right before their eyes. No test papers, no complicated reports, simple, fun, yet powerful organic learning.

    Personal style. A look at why everyone has a natural preferred style of communicating and the practical difficulties it can create within a team.

    Communication Styles and Preferences. Understanding the needs and preferences of others when communicating, if true understanding is to be achieved

    Communication. Communicating and building rapport in practice

    The Culprit. Learners have to solve a mystery, however the real learning is in the way they interrupt the non-verbal communication and the behaviours of their colleagues and the impact it has upon their ability to communicate effectively.




    • An increased awareness of self and the impact of actions upon colleagues.

    • A framework for understanding human behaviour, based upon the key drivers of each dominance. This will enable learners to anticipate the reactions of their colleagues and decide upon the most appropriate approach in order to get the required performance or outcomes.

    • Techniques for accommodating the behavioural needs and communication preferences of others.

    • Know how to handle difficult people and avoid difficult situations arising

    • Enhanced Emotional Intelligence

    Who should attend?

    Anyone wishing to improve their interpersonal skills to achieve optimum performance and results from workplace situations.

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