Leadership & Management

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

The key elements of emotional intelligence form the basis of effective leadership.

Emotional intelligence is twice as indicative of leadership potential than IQ, but unlike IQ the four 'domains' of emotional intelligence can be learnt and developed.

This course introduces the four 'domains' of emotional intelligence. It enables participants to prepare a personal development plan, which will address those domains that each participant needs to work on to achieve a rounded emotional intelligence.

    Contents Overview

    • Introduction to emotional intelligence and its impact on leadership effectiveness

    • Developing self-awareness: the foundations for emotional intelligence

    • Managing yourself – the key skills of using emotions effectively, and dealing with negative emotions and their potential impact

    • Focus and flow – aligning your values and character to the leadership strategy that works for you

    • Developing empathy for others and a deep understanding of what makes other people tick

    • Social skills – developing the capability to work effectively with people with different styles, characters, values, and culture


    The Introduction to Emotional Intelligence is a one-day learning and development programme.


    • Understand the relevance and impact of each of the four domains of emotional intelligence

    • Recognise their own personal strengths and weaknesses in emotional intelligence

    • Plan for the development of their own emotional intelligence, focusing on those domains they will most benefit from developing

    • Introduce tools and methods for developing the various aspects of emotional intelligence

    • Build strong relationships through regulation of emotions

    Who should attend?

    For team leaders and managers or people who work in an environment where there are frequent and challenging interactions with colleagues or customers.

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