Equine-Facilitated Learning

Equine-Facilitated Mindful Leadership

Our Equine-Facilitated Mindful leadership programme brings together tools and skills required for mindful leadership with the instant honest feedback provided by working with horses, providing insightful and powerful learning which learners can immediately reflect upon and begin the process of leading differently whether they are leading a team or in their own lives.
People who practise mindfulness at work report an improved ability to communicate clearly and a better ability to handle workplace conflict; they respond more appropriately to stressful situations, show greater self-awareness and have an increased capacity for innovation.
Evidence suggests that people who practice mindfulness are more resilient and more emotionally intelligent – better able to ‘read’ themselves, others, the environment and have the ability to regulate and manage the way in which they respond.
People who are more mindful have a greater capacity to flex their own mental and emotional states, which benefits themselves, their colleagues and ultimately their organisations.
People who are Mindful Leaders are self-aware, have clarity of mind and transparent in their relationships with others. They are trusted and they are effective.


    The programme consists of 4 classroom based modules and one Equine-Facilitated Module. An integral part of the programme is regular home practice of activities and techniques learnt in the classroom.
    The modules will cover:
    • The relationship between mindfulness and leadership
    • Mindful practice
    • Mindful Communication
    • Personal leadership values and principles
    • Awareness of thoughts & emotions
    • Choosing to respond v reacting
    • Letting go of unhelpful thoughts and emotions
    • Creating space to think
    • Decision making
    • Kindness and compassion in the workplace
    • Maintaining a healthy mind


    5 x one-day modules, includes one day of Equine-facilitated learning


    • Increased personal satisfaction and self-fulfilment
    • Increased employee engagement
    • Enhanced decision-making and performance
    • Reduced risks to the business, through increased awareness and clarity of mind

    Who Should Attend?

    Anyone who would like to lead differently, be authentic in the way they lead, have increased clarity of mind and focus, make better decisions, feel more in control of their work and their life and be more resilient to the challenges and pressures of working in the 365/24/7 fast changing global economy.

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