Equine-Facilitated Learning

Equine-Facilitated Team Development

    Why Equine-Facilitated?

    Working with horses provides instant, honest and accurate feedback moment by moment.

    By working with horses on the ground (no riding involved) you will be able to practise being more effective and confident in your communication and leadership. You will experience first-hand the impact of your actions and communication and receive invaluable feedback about your personal style through the reactions of the horses. You will also gain valuable insights into how you can apply the learning while understanding the difference it could make to your work and in life.


    Horses respond to the slightest body signals of their herd and live and communicate through trust in their instinct. They encourage us to tune in to the wisdom of our inner guidance and its valuable messages.
    During this workshop you will...

    • reconnect to your authentic self in the non-judgemental environment of the horses
    • recognise different emotions, how you process them and the impact they have upon your behaviour and communication
    • access your true thoughts, intuitive gut instincts and feel safe to explore how to express these positively within a team
    • explore how personal space and boundaries differs in each relationship
    • identify blocks to your development, and how to move through old survival patterns and limiting beliefs
    • reveal your masks and learn how to be successful at being yourself




    During the workshop you will find out what it feels like to take real time out and be true to your Authentic Self. This safe, nurturing space offers a great opportunity to:

    • step back, reflect and truly get to know yourself,
    • to find out how colleagues and friends interpret your actions, leadership style and communications,
    • bring greater awareness and reconnection to your relationships with colleagues and in life
    • help you to gain clarity about your personal style and insights into how you can develop your leadership qualities.

    Who Should Attend?

    Anyone who would like to become a more effective communicator and/or leader. This workshop is ideal for teams who want to deepen their understanding of self and colleagues enabling strong interpersonal skills and effective teamworking.

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