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Floorwalking with Purpose - "Selling Your Service"

Floorwalking is no longer new for many cultural service staff, it is a way of providing excellent service to the customer. Yet many staff are still uncomfortable and miss opportunities to promote their services, products and/or events.

When targets are high and there is an ever increasing need to increase the number of visitors, issues, income, etc it is important that staff have the knowledge, skills and confidence to seek out and seize every opportunity. In this workshop particpants will learn how to identify opportunities and how to use tools and props to:

• Encourage visitors to keep coming back
• Increase book issues
• Increase income generation from events, meeting rooms, AV etc
• Encourage customers to try something new
• Generally promote the library gallery and museum from the floor

    Content Overview

    • Why there is a need for promoting and selling within cultural service
    • Who sells and what is selling within the context of libraries, galleries and museums
    • The tools of promotion and selling
    • Identifying an opportunity - what to look out for
    • Creating opportunities
    • Using your environment as a prop or aid to selling
    • Putting the learning into practice - case studies


    Floorwalking with Purpose - "Selling Your Service" is delivered in one-day.


    • Understand the importance of increasing usage of libraries, museums and galleries and how floorwalking contributes to this

    • Understand the fact that every contact with a customer is an opportunity to tell them about other services etc.

    • Have the tools and knowledge to "sell" and promote

    • Create and seize opportunities to promote and sell

    • Increased visitor numbers, issues, or income

    “Lots of information showing us we are the ones who can make it work”
    Jane Allan – Fife Library Service

    Who should attend?

    Library, gallery and museum staff and supervisors

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