Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing at work can help you and your organisation improve productivity and resilience.

Using Mindfulness in the workplace is highly beneficial for individuals and the organisation.

Mindfulness can:

• Help reduce workplace tensions and conflict
• Enhance innovation and creativity
• Improve communication and clarity of messages
• Equip individual’s with the tools and skills to respond appropriately to workplace challenges
• Build resilience to deal with pressure and workplace stress
• Create the ability to be open, flexible and adaptable

Leaders and Managers are expected to perform and deliver in an ever increasing fast paced global economy, where change takes place faster than the speed of light. Mindfulness can help Leaders and Managers build upon existing management skills to become more flexible and adaptable by providing practical tools to open up new ways of leading, responding, innovating and communicating.

    Our programmes include:

    There is a mismatch between what science knows and business does

    The way we manage ourselves, our workloads and our people in many instances is counterintuitive and contributes greatly to the ever increasing levels of workplace stress and related illness. If we do not change the way we work and manage people, the UK workforce is on a pathway to burnout. In a recent government report the World Health Organisation was cited as stating that by 2030 mental ill-health will be the biggest global burden of disease unless radical action is taken to reverse the current trends.

    The practice of mindfulness in business is increasingly moving from the fringe to the mainstream, as organisations begin to reap the benefits of developing cognitive and emotional resources that ensure resilience in the face of stress, the flexibility of mind and learning skills to adapt to a fast changing employment market and longer working lives. A recent parliamentary report stated that the future prosperity of the UK depended upon organisations developing these skills, which have been referred to as “Mental Capital”.

    Qualitative research shows that mindfulness develops these aspects of mental capital, encouraging a curious, responsive, and creative engagement to our experiences.

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