Jigsaw Discovery Tool
Carey and the Harmonizers


People are complex. Our personalities impact on our behaviour, how we communicate and how we interact with others and untimately how we perform. Using the Jigsaw Discovery Tool, individuals recognise their personality traits and characteristics, which help them to understand how they and others interact and react.

    The Jigsaw Discovery Tool will help individuals to:

    • Become confident and comfortable in relationships with both colleagues and customers

    • Be aware of the impact of their communications and behaviours on others

    • Anticipate the reactions of others

    • Learn how to develop a flexible approach to their working styles and behaviour

    • Avoid conflict and resolve issues quickly and effectively

    • Accommodate and appreciate the qualities of others - rather than focusing on faults

    • Enjoy less stress and pressures of work

    • Deal with organisational change, reducing stress and supporting others

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