Influencing Skills Training – Powerful Strategies of Persuasion

Influencing skills training is packed full of influencing techniques, skills and tips that will help you to influence people, influence change and build trust – it will help you bring people around to your way of thinking by using your personal rather than positional power.

Building rapport with customers will be supported by building rapport exercises, communication will also be improved by understanding the drivers and motivators of others, and utilising appropriate communication styles.

    Content Overview

    • Persuasion Vs Manipulation

    • Influencing skills training

    • Influencing techniques and preparation for

    • Understand the other person's position

    • Build trust at work

    • Engaging skills

    • Positive influencing behaviour

    • Utilising style

    • Strategies for influencing

    • Overcome resistance and objections

    • Achieving a positive outcome


    Influencing skills training is delivered over two-days.


    • How to motivate customers, colleagues and stakeholders - understand the key factors

    • Understanding persuasion and influencing techniques and motivation and how it can be applied in practical situations to bring people around to your way of thinking

    • Reduce resistance to your ideas

    • Communication styles, identify the styles of others to make a true connection

    • Anticipate and overcome objections

    • Practice a range of influencing techniques and skills.

    Who should attend?

    Influential skills training is suitable for anyone responsible for building relationships and who are often required to influence customers, colleagues and stakeholders at all levels of an organisation.

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