Jigsaw Discovery Tool

Jigsaw Discovery Tool Taster Workshop

Find out what makes the Jigsaw Discovery Tool unique amongst the plethora of profiling tools and there are many out there, all based on the same theories. It is tactile, experiential, interactive, and most importantly uses memorable and colourful characters to help learners identify their personal preferences. Based on the latest evidenced neuroscience, the Jigsaw Discovery Tool, challenges the “cradle to grave” approach taken by many similar tools and acknowledges the plasticity of the brain. Unlike traditional profiling tools, there are no questionnaires forcing people into either/ or choices.

The Jigsaw Discovery Tool recognises that people can and do exhibit opposite behaviours, for example the way in which people behave at home is often very different from the way they behave at work.

The Jigsaw Discovery Tool taster workshops are a dynamic mix of activities, discussions and personal reflection. During the workshop you will:
• be guided through the Jigsaw Discovery Experience by the creators of the tool
• see how you can deliver effective experiential learning in a number of areas such as leadership, change management, communication and team building
• meet like minded professionals to share your ideas and experiences
• have an opportunity to explore some of the underpinning neuroscience

    “It’s fun, innovative and it works"
    Training Delivery Manager - Thames Valley Police

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