Jigsaw Discovery Tool

Jigsaw Discovery Tool

The Jigsaw Discovery Tool helps individuals to develop in-depth self awareness and an understanding and tolerance of the personal styles of others. It is:

• simple
• fun
• tactile
• non threatening
• memorable

It has the ability to help individuals at all levels of the organisation, from frontline teams to senior managers, to:

• Develop increased self awareness and identify a detailed map of their personality type

• Understand how differences in personality type can impact upon communication, relationships and effectiveness at work

• Learn how to work and communicate with others more effectively

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Jigsaw Discovery Tool Brochure            Wakefield District Business Awards: Innovation in Business Award


    The Jigsaw Discovery Tool can help individuals improve team spirit, performance and resolve issues arising in the workplace. It can be used for 360-degree feedback, appraisals, coaching, and development workshops. It can also help by improving:

    • customer service

    • teamwork

    • communication

    • change management

    • sales

    • performance

    • corporate culture

    • leadership and relationships

    • conflict management


    The Jigsaw Discovery Tool works with the core values and beliefs of the learner and results in multiple and long lasting outcomes.

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