Jigsaw Discovery Tool

Testimonials: What our Clients say about the Jigsaw Discovery Tool and Programmes

Alison Guthrie, Training Account Manager, Management & Leadership Development, Al Tayer

"The Jigsaw product is a very tactile tool and user friendly with all levels of management benefiting from the Jigsaw experience.

This tool can help to build self awareness, individual strengths, team strengths and ability; with further recognition of development areas. It is very interactive and helps to create an impact of improved team communication, increased interpersonal skills, building relationships within the workplace."

Sumitra Gidwani, People Development Manager, Dubai Petroleum

"I would like to thank People Plus, especially Anne Polglase for the introduction, support and encouragement of Jigsaw@work, a very useful development tool that has made a large impact on our organisation.

Jigsaw@work has been one of the most popular and loved courses in our training portfolio and provided increased self awareness to our technical and non technical employees and teams who have been able to use the information in developing better relationships in the business.

It is a highly interactive course that uses simple concepts and ideas to get key messages such as appreciating diversity across to a wide population at all levels of the organisation."

Roger Boden, Bursar, Keble College, Oxford University

“What we could not have anticipated was the sheer fun of the two days of training and the huge boost to the commitment, enthusiasm, pride in the College, respect for colleagues and embracing of a common vision that resulted. The profiling work was never threatening, although we all learned a great deal about our own and our colleagues’ behaviours.

The coaching in communication was never tedious, although certain important messages came through loud and clear – messages that, if handled differently, might have switched off some participants and been counter-productive. The highly creative exercises challenged and tested us and drove home very valuable lessons without ever risking melt-down.”

Jamie Carlin Local Training Delivery Manager, Thames Valley Police

I used the Jigsaw Discovery Tool to develop my team which had recently been formed some months before. This was part of the team building sessions I had put in place and I have to say the workshop we undertook with the Jigsaw Discovery Tool was by far the best day we had. It was fun, innovative and it works. Through fun exercises my team identified more about themselves and their colleagues which has enabled us to work together more effectively.

There is also a greater understanding between the team as to why someone has written an e-mail in such a way (e.g. they are an Eva Reddy type) and as such accept the e-mail for what it is where this type of e-mail used to offend them in the past (they thought the author was being rude).

Some 6 months on from this training we still discuss this at team meetings and in communications

Jane Lee, Manager, Performance Management & Career Development, DUBAL

"Following our initial roll-out of Jigsaw we noticed that people were much more aware of themselves and their impact on others. Through learning about the different "colours" they appreciated that everybody is different and that this is not a source of weakness, but one of strength.

Now people know they may need to adapt their behaviours in order to interact with others and we believe this has impacted on teamwork, communication and strengthened relationships overall."

Renaissance Yorkshire Programme Manager, Museums Sheffield

I’ve been on many personal development programmes which draw out your characteristics, but the way in which the Jigsaw Discovery Tool programme was delivered and the different activities involved created some real light bulb moments.

Through the Jigsaw Discovery Tool, I genuinely discovered what being an introvert really meant and was able to see that like many people, my approach may be different but that it can be equally effective. More importantly as a manager, it has helped me to clearly identify individual team members so that I am in a much stronger position to understand, support and develop my team.”

Annette Whitworth, Manchester Office Manager, DVLA

“The Jigsaw was one of the most enlightening, non threatening exercises I've ever seen. For the first time I was able to fully appreciate the scale of the task to move Manchester forward (with a predominately 'green' team) - and for the first time the managers were able to see that it's their lack of 'red' that's at the heart of many of our issues.

The team this morning are enthused and believe for the first time that they have options to move forward. Indeed whilst it's a shame it was only the deputies that raised it, the term 'Team Manchester' is being buzzed around the office!”

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