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Leadership Compass

The Leadership Compass is a tool that helps you to be clear about your own unique leadership potential.

At Jigsaw@work we believe that you should not have to change who you are to become a leader. Successful leaders act with integrity and true leadership is about being true to yourself, who you are, your beliefs and your values.

Developed by Keith Patching and the result of over 20 years research into leadership and its links with character, the Leadership Compass helps individual leaders and leadership teams to identify, clarify and reflect on who they really are. It then helps to work out leadership strategies that will work because they are firmly founded on core values and beliefs.

    The leadership compass will:

    • Work with leaders to reveal hidden and true leadership qualities

    • Bring to the surface underlying assumptions and beliefs about leadership that may cause barriers

    • Help leaders to recognise and compensate for weaknesses within teams

    Find out how the Leadership Compass can help to steer teams and unleash true leadership qualities and potential.

    Keith Patching, Senior Consultant

    Keith Patching is an independent coach and consultant in leadership and organisation development. Keith, a published author and fellow at Cranfield School of Management, is a key member of Jigsaw@work's leadership team where he designs and delivers leadership development programmes.

    Keith has worked on hundreds of uniquely tailored leadership and management development programmes over a period of over twenty years.

    "The most telling evidence of its impact I think is that people are talking about it. The building has been buzzing with the participants reflecting amongst themselves what they got from it, and also discussing with next weeks' cohort. A real sense of windows opened, of validation and understanding."

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