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Leading with the Brain in Mind

The Neuroscience of Leadership

Leading with the Brain in Mind is a four day modular programme designed for managers who want to truly understand the essence of leadership. To develop your ability to become an excellent all-round communicator that will inspire others. The programme is a comprehensive and robust development initiative that will be experiential, practical and interactive, relating all key elements to real life, at and outside of work, in order to improve performance and make a difference as a leader within the organisation.

Facilitators draw on the latest research in Neuroscience, Neuroleadership, Positive Psychology, Social, Attentional and Emotional Intelligence. The programme supports learners to learn about the brain function and how to practically apply the insights emerging from these fields into the workplace.

    Content Overview

    This is a four day programme delivered over 4 months

    Day 1

    On the first day you will briefly examine the history of leadership. In this way you will be familiar with all key leadership theories to understand how we arrived at where we are today. It will also dispel many of the assumptions about theories and clarify how, in many ways, the theories have evolved naturally, layering each other, often saying the same thing but if a different way. Each one also has a key element, a ‘light bulb’ moment, that participants can learn from.

    Once you have established the underpinning knowledge you will then move onto the subject of Emotional Intelligence. This is an important session as emotional intelligence forms the foundation for all behavioural development. Two specific elements that are important in this subject are to understand self and to understand others. We will go further along the journey of self discovery on the second day.

    We also start to consider the findings of neuroscience, including the 5 big discoveries for 2012. This is the first time in the history of leadership that we have robust and comprehensive science on which to base our leadership practices.

    Day 2

    We will start the day by considering the challenges facing the 21st Century Managers and why there is a need for change in the way we lead our organisations

    You will discover about yourself and others by completing the Jigsaw Discovery Tool (JDT). A tool evolved from Jungian theory and incorporating the pioneering work of neuroscientists into the functioning of the brain. You will see how understanding behavioural styles can improve communication, enhance individual performance and team development but also how to you can manage conflict and lead change more effectively.

    With the knowledge you have discovered from completing the JDT this naturally forms a good basis on which to develop our understanding even further regarding the subject of attentional training and Neuro Science. We shall look at the importance of Social Intelligence and introduce holistic leadership models which identify the need for underpinning Interior Leadership to support the Exterior Leadership styles used in the workplace.

    Day 3

    Once you have understood the theories, science and self, and completed many interactive and experiential activities, it is now time to explore the world of ‘others’. One of the most challenging things for any manager in an organisation is not the technical or operational demands, but ‘people’. This is where you build on the essential information already covered to understand how to effectively and inspirationally lead others.

    You will develop strategies to engage your team, build resilience, enable intrinsic motivation and create a culture of ownership where everyone takes responsibility for continuous improvement and performance.

    We will bring together all the learnings so you can practice, rehearse and feel the benefits. In addition we will provide the opportunity to get ready for your return to work where you will benefit your teams and the organisation.

    Day 4

    It is important not to ‘launch and leave’. We believe in developing programmes that will help individuals and their organisations. With this is in mind it is essential to understand what difference the learning has made, how you have found things, what support you will continue to need and acknowledge what improvements you have made.

    The ‘Review Day’ allows learners to consider how the learning is being implemented, what challenges were faced and what can be done to maintain the journey of development. This also provides the opportunity for the learners to reconnect and share their own experiences and best practice.

    Action Learning Groups (Optional)

    These would be groups of 6-8 managers, who meet once a month for up to 6 months, this could be facilitated externally or internally. These groups would focus on exploring the challenges/issues they have identified in the workshops or are currently encountering.

    Research shows that this kind of group learning enhances learning and change, helping participants embed what they have learned in their day-to-day practice. This in turn supports the development of a coaching and learning cultures.


    This is a four day programme delivered over 4 months.


    • Have a comprehensive understanding of cutting edge leadership practices

    • Have an understanding of how the brain works and behavioural science

    • Think better and perform better

    • Know how to self-regulate and stay cool under pressure

    • Collaborate more effectively with others

    • Understand how to support the development of sustainable change

    • Acquire tools and strategies that support the delivery of exceptional results

    • Develop social and emotional intelligence

    Who should attend?

    All first line, middle and senior managers would benefit from attending the Neuro Science of Leadership Programme.  Even if learners have done several leadership courses before, the science and learnings of this programme are cutting edge, new to the world of leadership and not yet in the common corporate language. 

    Each ‘Leading with the Brain in Mind’ programme will be tailored to the level of management within the audience.

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