Leadership & Management

The Manager as Coach

Managers are more effective when people trust and believe in them.

Yet every employee is different. Some want strong, assertive management; others want their manager’s role to be about listening and helping them to learn. Some employees want management that nurture them; others prefer a manager’s role to simply be about setting direction and then stepping back to let individuals free to deliver results.

Coaching yourself is where The Manager as Coach starts before helping participants to develop effective coaching skills to coach people who are different from themselves.

    Content Overview

    • Approaches to effective coaching, the respective strengths and weaknesses

    • Understanding oneself as a prerequisite to effective coaching

    • Coaching yourself, what you need and why others may need different coaching styles

    • Giving and receiving feedback to achieve effective coaching

    • Understanding others, their personality and character and the coaching styles that will work for them

    • The key principles of coaching different kinds of people

    • Co-coaching practice within the group




    • Coaching styles, understand the wide range that people can use

    • Coaching styles that work best for the individual

    • Develop a range of coaching skills that meet the needs of a diverse community

    • Practise the skills of coaching people with a range of coaching needs

    • Define and work with a variety of coaching styles

    • Adapt coaching styles to the differing needs of individuals

    • Set up coaching courses that meet the needs of different individuals

    Who should attend?

    Any manager who needs to work closely with individuals within a diverse organisation or community; HR professionals responsible for bringing about a culture of coaching within their managerial community.

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