Health and Wellbeing

Organisations rely on having a healthy and productive workforce. Conditions like anxiety, depression and unmanageable stress are experienced by 1 in 5 British workers each year. In the past five years’ employers, have cited stress as the number one reason given by employees who take time off work. Work-related mental ill-health is costing organisations up to £26 Billion every year:

• £2.4 billion wasted on staff turnover due to poor mental wellbeing
• £15.1 billion lost by unproductive staff at work who are unable to cope due to mental health issues
• 70 million lost working days due to mental health problems
• Key factors which influence mental health in the workplace include:
• Keeping mental health on the agenda
• Clear policies and practices
• Confidence of line managers to talk about mental health and support staff
• Staff perceptions – confidence that they can be open about mental health issues and that they will be taken seriously
• Availability of support pathways

    Course Overview

    Introduction to Mental Health
    • Different forms of mental ill health – psychosis, neurosis and personality dis-orders
    • Attitudes around mental ill health
    • Common misconceptions
    • What about stress?
    • Why does employee mental health matter?

    The Causes, Signs and Symptoms
    • Awareness of how to detect and pick up on the early signs of mental ill health
    • Awareness of how to differentiate between different types of mental ill health
    • Causes, signs and symptoms of common and some less common mental illnesses, including, anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, OCD, Eating disorders, Bi-polar & Schizophrenia

    How to communicate more effectively with staff who have mental health issues
    • Broaching the subject
    • What should I say?
    • Preparation – checklist of things to consider before starting a conversation with a staff member
    • The barriers faced by people with mental health issues

    Supporting staff with mental ill health
    • Practical ways to support staff in the workplace
    • Ways they may be able to help themselves

    Promoting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace
    • Practical ways to promote mental health and wellbeing at work
    • Well Being Action Plans


    1 day


    • Understanding of how to recognise the causes and symptoms for a range of common and less common mental health problems.
    • Confidence to be able to talk openly about mental health issues with staff.
    • Knowledge of how you can best support staff who are showing signs of mental ill-health.
    • Practical tools and techniques to promote and support mental wellbeing in the workplace.

    Who should attend?

    • Managers and supervisors who would like to extend their awareness of mental health issues, be able to identify the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and feel confident to offer support and help to staff.

    • Anyone who would like a better understanding of mental health and wellbeing and how to support friends and colleagues, who may be mentally distressed.

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