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Managing Through Change

Change is endemic in organisations these days. Yet change is often the cause of a great deal of stress that can lead to significant loss of productivity, motivation and effectiveness.

There are a good many change management programmes available, but most offer a one-size-fits-all model for change management.

The Managing Through Change programme recognises that people experience change very differently, and have very different talents to offer a change management process. It enables managers responsible for leading people through change to leverage diversity and bring about lasting and beneficial results.

    Content Overview

    • Change and transition - the key differences and why they are important

    • Planning to help people through change

    • Communicating effectively about change

    • Setting up effective change teams

    • Case studies based on participants’ own experiences, and what can be learnt from them


    Managing through change is a two-day learning and development programme.


    • Understand the various aspects of organisational change

    • Understand one’s own attitudes to change and how these may be different from other people’s attitudes

    • Recognise how different people may experience the change process

    • Plan how to take people with different needs through change

    • Communicate a clear vision, strategy and operational plan for effective change

    • Identify the early signs of discomfort regarding aspects of the change

    • Understand how to help people who are different through their own experiences of change

    • Create effective change management teams

    • Monitor change and transition throughout a change programme

    Who should attend?

    Managers who need to take people through significant programmes of change; HR professionals responsible for facilitating change programmes; managers contemplating a significant change who want to make sure that they have a plan for change that will work.

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