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Managing Emotional Stress

This is a one-day programme designed specifically for public sector employees to help them manage their emotional responses to the demanding and often challenging workplace situations they have to deal with. Since the introduction of “Government Online” and the welfare reforms, there has been a huge increase in the number of council tenants and benefit claimants who have had significant reductions in their benefits and are really struggling to survive. Add to this the fact that everything now has to be done online and the result is that many people who make contact with council departments and services are highly emotionally charged and often near to breaking point. The effect upon public sector workers who are already under pressure due to increased workloads and reduction in available resources is that they feel unable to cope at times as the emotional burden of their customers weighs heavy on their mind.

This workshop has been designed to help staff and managers develop personal resilience from the negative effects of dealing with people under extreme stress and hardship. Participants in the workshop will leave with practical tools and strategies to help manage their emotional responses which will enable them to remain calm and have clarity of mind when dealing with emotional charged individuals and situations.

    Content Overview

    • Introduction to Resilience Management – what is resilience and why it is a key feature of a healthy workforce

    • Emotional Styles – participants will look at the 6 dimensions of emotional style and increase awareness of their personal style and look at how their style influences their resilience and the way they deal with workplace pressures and stressors

    • Threat & Reward Response System – introduction to some of the evidenced research in neuroscience which helps us to look at how our minds works and emotions are triggered

    • Emotional Contagion – discussion of how emotions can be transferred from person to person and the impact of not managing the contagion

    • Developing Emotional Style and Resilience – participants learn about the plasticity of the brain and how it enables the development of their emotional style and resilience. Participants will look at different strategies to develop each of the six dimensions of emotional style, including resilience.

    • Healthy Mind Toolkit – A healthy mind is a vital ingredient for high performance, in this section participants learn about the 8 ingredients of a healthy mind and develop their personal strategies

    • Creating Mental Space – the ability to put space between self and a situation or person, in order to manage the situation effectively. Participants learn and practice ways of creating mental space

    • Managing Stress – in this section participants look at how stress effects individuals, develop strategies for recognising the early warning signs of the onset of stress and tools to prevent an “amygdala hijack” which results in loss of rational thinking, allowing emotions to take control

    • Managing a customer intervention – the last section of the day looks at how the participants can prepare emotionally, what they can do during and after a customer intervention to minimise the lasting effects upon themselves of an emotional or difficult situation and ensure that the customers emotions are dealt with sensitively and respectfully

    The content in this workshop can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual groups and the types of situations or customer groups they come into contact with.




    • Reduce the impact of difficult and negatively charged situations

    • Maintain psychological wellbeing and a healthy mind

    • Understand the science behind our emotions “Threat Reward Response”

    • Increased awareness of your emotional style

    • Learn how to regulate your emotions

    • Develop behaviours which increase resilience

    • Use techniques for self development and reinforce resilience development

    Who should attend?

    Public sector and Housing Associations employees

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