Managing Self and Others

A 3 hour workshop, for team leaders and managers who need to enhance their effectiveness and build mentally diverse teams, breaking free from the “brain rut” which occurs when the workplace is dominated by one thinking style.

• Understand the impact of personality upon working styles and preferences

• Be aware of own preference for managing and leading others

• Understand the needs of team members

• Have the strategies and tools to enable motivation and satisfaction in the workplace leading to enhanced individual and team performance

• Introduction to working styles and preferences

• The value of a whole brain team

• Valuing the individuality of team members

• Leadership styles

• Needs of team members

• Enabling motivation in others – strategies and tools

• Why work sometimes doesn’t work!

• Making work, work!

The workshop is designed to be interactive, participative and fun.

Accelerated learning techniques are used to enhance the participants experience and maximize the absorption of the materials explored and discussed.

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