Mindfulness based Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a key differentiator between averagely successful and excellent. An organisation which is Emotionally Intelligent has staff who are:

• Happy, motivated, engaged, confident, committed to the values of the business
• High performing and efficient

Emotional Intelligence is applicable to every human interaction in business: from staff motivation to customer service, from idea generation to sales generation.

Emotional Intelligence cannot be taught just by reading a book, like any other skill it has to be practiced and developed and that is often where it starts to go wrong. We live in a society which places so many demands on the individual that it can be difficult to develop.

Research has shown that Mindfulness can facilitate the development of Emotional Intelligence.

The benefits of mindfulness on health and general well-being is increasingly supported by the latest developments in neuroscience and by evidence provided by leading organisations such as Astra Zeneca, Google and Transport for London who reported a 71% decrease in absence rates due to work related stress.

But developing a culture of mindfulness has many more far reaching benefits. In the internet driven, knowledge based economy, organisations and people are being expected to do more with less, even better, on average people are working 1-2 hours at home each day with 25% of the population working an additional 3 hours per evening. Long working hours and the constant intrusion of email and social media, means we struggle to find down time, time for personal nurturing and relaxation away from the frenzy of corporate life, resulting in poor quality thinking and decision making.

Mindfulness skills develop and enhance emotional intelligence, leadership, decision making, team work, communication, innovation and collaboration.

This interactive and practical workshop will introduce the principles of mindfulness at work and present some of the underpinning neuroscience.

    Course Overview

    • Emotional Competency
    • Multi-tasking and productivity
    • Developing attentional intelligence
    • Emotional self regulation
    • Mindful communication
    • Mindful working practices
    • Insights into the latest research in neuroscience and neuro-leadership thinking


    1 day

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    • Improve motivation and retention
    • Increase organisation performance (one firm reported increase in sales of 18%)
    • Increase creative thought and innovation
    • Increase focus and attention
    • Give employees the ability to work calmly and faster through challenges, rather than fighting against the ‘tide’
    • Improve staff relationships
    • Reduce absence from work due to stress, anxiety and depression

    Who should attend?

    Managers, supervisors, and team leaders

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