Mindfulness in a Modern Workplace

There have been thousands of studies conducted on various aspects of mindfulness and, on this basis, we can say with some confidence that mindfulness training

• enhances focus and attention
• increases self-awareness and the awareness of others
• raises levels of resilience and emotional intelligence
• strengthens cognitive effectiveness

The skills we teach enable you to

• listen more attentively
• be more emotionally alert
• communicate more clearly
• direct your thoughts more appropriately
• focus more consistently
• empathise more readily
• renew yourself effectively

This makes for greater all round effectiveness. People who are more adept at working with their minds and mental states perform better. That benefits their teams, their colleagues, clients, customers and all other stakeholders.

    Course Overview

    • Emotional Competency
    • Multi-tasking and productivity
    • Developing attentional intelligence
    • Emotional self regulation
    • Mindful communication
    • Mindful working practices
    • Insights into the latest research in neuroscience and neuro-leadership thinking


    1 day


    • Enhances focus and attention
    • Increases self-awareness and the awareness of others
    • Raises levels of resilience and emotional intelligence
    • Strengthens cognitive effectiveness

    Who should attend?

    Managers, supervisors, and team leaders

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