Developing a Personal Mindful Practice

Organisations no longer have to choose between economic priorities and human wellbeing. Through training in mindfulness both can flourish to the benefit of all.

    Content Overview

    Module 1

    Helps you to see the automatic pilot at work and encourages you to explore what happens when you become aware

    Introduces a meditation which stabilises the mind and helps you to see what unfolds when you focus your full awareness on just one thing at a time

    Increases your awareness of the judgements you make

    Explore the difference between the thinking mind and the sensing mind

    Provides the essential foundations for developing mindfulness in the workplace

    Module 2

    Introduces Mindful movements, which allow you to see more clearly what your mental and physical limits are and how you react when you reach them

    Helps the mind to re-integrate with the body

    Learn how the body is sensitive to emerging unsettling feelings when you become too goal focused

    Explore your early warning system that allows you to head off problems before they gain unstoppable momentum

    Learn how you can get sucked unwittingly into over thinking

    Enhance clarity of awareness and learn how to take a different perspective on your business

    Module 3

    Exploring difficulty – learn how to face difficulties (rather than avoid) with a spirit of openness, compassion and curiosity

    Learn how negative thoughts can dissipate when you actively cultivate compassion

    Cultivating relationships

    Cultivating forgiveness for what you see as your failures or inadequacies

    As part of the programme, participants will be required to practice techniques outside of the workshop and will be given short activities to complete between each of the modules.

    Module 4

    Explore the close connection between our daily routines, activities, behaviours and moods

    Discover draining and nourishing activities

    Learn how to manage stressful situations, melt away anxieties, stresses and worries

    Developing resilience

    Weave mindfulness into your daily life


    The Developing a Personal Mindful Practice is a modular four x half-day programme delivered over eight weeks.

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