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Business Process Improvement Workshop

The aim of a 'Lean Organisation' is to meet customers' needs as efficiently and effectively as possible. The leaner the organisation and better the utilisation of resources, the greater the potential for profit and stake-holder returns or, in not-for-profit organisations, better use of funding.

The Business Process Improvement Workshop recognises that the concept of business improvement and lean processing will only work when you engage the hearts and minds of the people. Without the people, there is no process.

    Content Overview:

    • Business assimilation – participants will be tasked with managing and operating a process

    • Introduction to styles of process mapping, the symbols, terminology

    • Practical process mapping activity to identify wastage in the process

    • Process analysis tools

    • Efficient information, material and workflow

    • Managing complexity

    • Workload versus resources – overall capacity planning

    • Balancing workloads and work in progress for maximum efficiency

    • Linking learning to participants workplace – using a workplace process, participants will use their learning from the day to map out the process and begin the process improvement journey


    Business Process Improvement is delivered in one-day.


    • Understand the principles of business process improvement

    • Be familiar with the symbols and terminology used in process improvement

    • Be able to use visual process maps to identify waste and inefficiencies

    • Better utilisation of resources

    • Improved quality of service

    • Make the links between the assimilations used in the workshop and the workplace

    Who should attend:

    Anyone who is responsible for delivering a cost efficient quality service or who is looking to improve the quality of their service and outputs.

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