Personal Development

Resolving Real Conflicts

Conflicts are a fact of organisational life and it takes a great intellectual skill and emotional resilience to sort out. What often prevents conflict resolution is the assumption that the conflict is simply about a business issue. Research shows that, in most cases, the issue is simply a symptom of the clashes of personality and character. Until these underlying conflicts are sorted out, new issues will keep emerging.

The Resolving Real Conflicts course is not a theoretical exercise in conflict resolution, but a practical application for people involved in a real conflict.

    Content Overview

    Each course will be different, depending on the nature of the conflict being addressed, and the relationships between the involved parties. However, typical topics covered are:

    • Different perspectives on the conflict at issue

    • Getting to know yourself and your adversary

    • Reframing conflict – how this is done?

    • Reframing this conflict – changing perspectives

    • Finding the common ground

    • Ways forward – costs and benefits

    • A strategy for moving on

    • Putting the strategy into practice


    One Day


    • Get to the roots of and find ways of dealing with a particular conflict affecting an organisation

    • Provides the capabilities to identify potential sources of future conflict

    • Develops the skills of conflict resolution for the future

    The primary outcome from the programme is a way forward for the people involved within a particular conflict. But they will also learn, for the future:

    • How to identify potential conflicts before they happen

    • How to understand where conflicting parties are coming from

    • How to set up a conflict resolution programme

    • How to work through a conflict step by step to resolution

    Who should attend?

    Anyone involved in real conflict.

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