Leadership & Management

Response - Able Leadership

The Response - Able Leadership workshop provides answers to the fundamental questions of:

• Why are some people responsible and others not so?

• How can managers encourage team members to be more responsible?

    Content Overview

    • The factors and drivers of responsibility

    • The required behaviours

    • Impact on performance

    • Types of responsibility

    • The importance of identification of self

    • Engagement, motivation and responsibility

    • Enabling and supporting response- ability in the workplace




    • Individual and collective responsibility for performance

    • Increased responsiveness and flexibility of team members

    • Enhanced problem solving and decision making

    • More effective use of your time as less time taken up by tasks and decisions which could be handled by team members

    • Enhanced working environment

    Who should attend?

    Those who want to encourage and support team members to be more responsible and take ownership in the workplace

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