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Stage 1 Analysis - Pre Development (Culture - Direction - Behaviours)

We start by analysing the current culture, which forms the landscape for any organisation. Your ‘culture’ (which is formed by accepted and continuous behaviours) has significant impact on the success of your organisation. Culture is an often underestimated, but key part, of a successful organisation. People create the culture and often unwittingly perpetuate one they might not be happy with. The converse is true; people can also create a culture that enhances and certainly contributes to bottom line growth, engagement and motivation, and personal and strategic success. Culture also forms your reputation. So, it can be worth it’s weight in gold when it’s a culture that is fit for business. What is your culture? What does it represent?

It is also important to understand where you are going. It might sound straightforward but it is important to establish who exactly is clear on the ultimate direction of the business. Does this clarity run right through the business? Does the most recent new starter know this as much as the CEO? Is everyone on the same page? This discussion allow us to visualise and articulate the true direction of the business as well as articulating the behaviours that are needed to get there and in so doing, achieve the strategic goals, and secure the future culture. Absolute clarity is absolutely essential

We finally consider who makes up the myriad of relationships within the business. What are the relationship dynamics? Which help, and which hinder? What gets done? What could be better? Is communication at the maximum? Who is involved? Particularly, to begin with, at the most senior level this analysis is thought provoking and profound. We have a variety of diagnostics, such as the Jigsaw Discovery Tool, or an Emotional Intelligence 360 tool that will be provided dependent on the needs and measures of the organisation.

This analysis is often seen as a ‘nice to have’, that may fall off the list of priorities as day to day business demands force the ‘important’ areas off the table in favour of the more ‘urgent’ ones. But one can just about maintain current performance, whilst the other ensures enhanced, sustainable and consistent performance.

Individuals receiving the diagnostics receive 121 coaching sessions to implement development as soon as possible.
Measurable action will be required.

The group sessions can be staggered to different levels, if preferred, for maximum ‘cascade’ in a timely manner.
Measurable action will also be required here too.

In order to ensure your return on investment.

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