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Stage 3 Measure - After Development (Behaviours - Our Legacy - Your Future)

We will revisit the diagnostics used at the beginning of our work, after an appropriate duration, in order to measure the progress of behavioural change. This will inform the culture and we will have identified, along with you, other measures at the start that will now come into play. We see all measures as a challenge and intend to achieve those measures on behalf of your success.

We will also offer to create a ‘Coaching Family tree’ that sets you up for your future, through strategic coaching. This will allow the culture that you are achieving to flourish and grow, and most importantly, continue. We will provide support for the ‘Coaching Family Tree’ that continues to live and thrive, long after we have gone. Our Legacy to You.

We will also offer solutions that you can focus on moving forward. The most important of all, based on neuro-science, is Mindfulness and Attentional Intelligence. The corporate world is starting to become familiar with this resource as seen at the World Economic Summit. Those that already have secure excellent results. This is the future of behavioural development and we are one of the leading UK forerunners in this field. Mindfulness builds on the development you have achieved, to enhance it even further.

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