Team Building

Team Vision

Team vision is a creative workshop, designed specifically for teams who are facing new challenges at work. A vision shared is the goal of a team vision course, which helps individuals to develop a shared vision and values and find new ways of working to rise to the many challenges that a business faces.

    Team Vision Content Overview

    • Core values definition and exploration of core business values, purpose and role of team.

    • Aligning values and roles

    • Exploration of the vision – from present to desired state

    • Open Space Event

    • Creating the next steps



    Team Vision Benefits

    • A vision shared and understanding of the future

    • Knowledge to develop new ways of working

    • Confidence in the future and new roles

    • Renewed energy and vitality

    • Acceptance of a shared responsibility for the success of the team

    Team Vision - Who should attend?

    Any team needing to create a vision shared and develop new ways of working in the future.

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