Team Building

Turning Differences into Strengths

The Turning Differences into Strengths workshop delivers a dynamic way to simplify the complex and sometimes chaotic interactions between people at work through detailed understanding of behavioural styles

    Content Overview

    Using the unique Jigsaw Discovery Tool participants will be introduced to:

    The Introversion : Extraversion Dichotomy

    The Sensing : Intuition Dichotomy

    The Thinking : Feeling Dichotomy

    Behavioural styles – the Jigsaw framework of human behaviour

    Work it out – turning differences into workplace strengths

    Reducing disruptive friction

    Style and Communication, how to get your message heard

    Case Studies




    • Identify personal dominances and recognise preferences of others

    • Practical ways of solving disruptive friction that arises between people in the workplace

    • Solid foundations for helping individual’s to tap into their strengths to minimize unnecessary conflict and learn to work more effectively with others

    • Anticipate what others might need to work effectively

    • Identify ways to make constructive and wise use of differences

    • Practice getting your communication messages heard

    Who should attend?

    Anyone committed to improving communication, reducing conflict, fostering sustainable change, and building strong effective teams

    Contact Jigsaw@work on: Tel: +44 (0) 1924 864444    Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)