Wellbeing and Performance Excellence

Innovative training to enhance, focus, decision making, and performance

Why is mental health and wellbeing so important for performance excellence?
According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, 78% of companies identify stress as a top workforce health risk. From the recent developments in neuroscience we know that working under constant pressure, rarely stepping off the treadmill signals a potential threat to our brains which respond by starting to close down cognitive, decision making abilities to preserve all energies ready to fight or flight. This results in the loss of the ability to think clearly, poor decisions are more likely, increased conflict and fallout, a rise in sickness and presenteeism levels………

What can be done to tackle this, and other issues related to the fast-paced, rapidly changing, world that we live and work in?

This workshop helps to develop the primary elements of sustained attention and emotional intelligence, enabling you to improve your ability to remain calm under pressure, have clarity of mind to make good decisions, devise strategy, innovate, and build healthy effective relationships.

    Content Overview

    Using a series of activities based on evidenced neuroscience, you will learn how to:

    • Develop your attentional capacity, self-awareness, and situational awareness 
    • Enhance your personal resilience and emotional intelligence
    • Create the mind-body state that is at the heart of attentional intelligence  and  self regulation 
    • Facilitate improved decision-making and higher performance in your work teams
    • Maintain optimal brain working and a healthy mind
    • Integrate mindfulness tools and techniques into your daily work routine and develop your Emotional Intelligence


    1 Day


    • Increase your individual productivity & performance
    • Develop creative thought, innovation, focus and clarity
    • Enhance your capacity to create sustainable relationships & genuinely connect with your colleagues
    • Develop your ability to work calmly and manage your response to challenging situations more effectively
    • Decrease the effects of workplace stress and anxiety
    • Develop your awareness of all aspects of a situation, both internal to you and in the external world 
    • Enhance your skills in creating mental space for solving complex problems

    Who Should Attend?

    Individuals who want to develop the ability to keep cool and maintain a clear mind under extreme pressures.
    Individuals interested in bringing mindfulness into their organisations, to raise wellbeing and workplace performance.

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