New Ways of Working

Working in Partnership

Partnerships work best when each party brings something different to the relationship. But this can create problems of inequality and inequity. When this happens partnerships can become battlefields, defeating the object.

Effective partnerships depend upon mutual trust and respect, but not everyone knows how to develop these essential ingredients.

Working in partnership helps participants build and nurture partnerships that deliver more value than the sum of the parts.

    Content Overview

    • What working in partnership means

    • Why partnerships go wrong

    • The key principles of a good partnership

    • Five building blocks for the development of mutually beneficial strategies

    • Practical exercises in dealing with the challenges of partnerships

    • Developing trust and mutual respect

    • Keeping on track through the partnership life-cycle

    • Developing an action plan


    • Understand the key principles of good partnerships

    • Have the skills and capabilities required to manage a truly effective partnership management

    • Anticipate potential threats to a partnership before they become problems

    • Develop an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect within partnerships

    • Manage partnerships through the complete partnership life-cycle, from formation to completion

    Who should attend?

    Managers responsible for working in any kind of partnership structure, or those about to embark upon projects involving working in partnership with others.

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